You Might Train your Dragon but ….

How do you bathe a chicken?  I’m afraid this is my next adventure and I’m not looking forward to it.  And why is it that the roosters that fit within the breed definition are a bit mean and too rough on the hens but the ones with all the wrong colors are the gentle, nice guys?  I think Darwin is off the hook on this but Murphy and his annoying law come to mind…  Not sure what to do about it all, either. 

I’m averaging between 15-20 eggs a day and the best news is that my little Black Copper Maran has started laying those infamous “chocolate” colored eggs made famous by James Bond.  I’m still hoping to “bump” into someone willing to bring my eggs with them to a local Farmer’s Market to sell this summer but it all usually sounds easier than it winds up actually being.  I’ve taken the “wait and see” approach.

Working night shift has been kicking my hiney and zapping me of energy these past few weeks so all of my great intentions have gone to the wayside.  Landscaping feels futile at this point.  Oh well, at least the house is clean and the hot tub has been refilled.  It’s a start.  I keep expecting to tire of the chickens but they continue to entertain me.  I decided that it is because it’s like an Easter Egg hunt every day.  I never know how many or what colors or what size will be next to fill my basket and every day it’s a little bit exciting to find out. 

Today Scout snuck into the hen house while I wasn’t paying attention – then she wouldn’t come out!  She mostly herds them with a random good chase or two thrown in for good measure.  Hasn’t hurt one yet but I keep a close eye on her.  Bitsy is more of a control freak.  She will bite them – not to kill but to hold.  The other day I picked one up and about the time I realized it was too heavy to be just a chicken, I saw Bitsy with her jaw locked on it’s tail-feathers!  She let go but the trust is gone.

I’m still battling feather loss and mites.  I thought I had everything under control but I think it’s going to take a few weeks to get ahead of the problem — hence the chicken baths.  That should be interesting!

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