It turns out I’m not very good at blogging…  I think it may have been all of the time I spent on FarmVille.  I’m cutting back on that.  I’m experiencing some withdrawal but I’ve promised myself not to plant any crops until my real garden is planted.  I tried to convince Jeff that we ought to test out some farm implements this year – plow the front yard then drill it with hay seed.  Then – when it comes time to mow the lawn, we can bale it and feed it to some hungry critter around here.  He looked at me like I was joking – I think he may be in for a surprise down the road.

I’m resisting all temptation to order some turkey poults – so far, that is…  I’m not sure why I want them but I keep finding myself looking through hatchery sites to find them.  I have cut the chicken flock down a few roosters, I’m giving away 5 of my flightier hens to a fellow farmer who needs his flock boosted a bit – and I’m giving two of my calmest, sweetest hens to my just-as-sweet massage therapist who tragically lost one of her hens last week.  That ought to leave me with 65 birds total — 6 roosters, 33 laying hens and 26 pullets that should start laying mid July…  If I only had another chicken pen and hired hand to help with the daily feeding/watering.

In truth, it sounds like more chickens than it looks.  Even Jeff was surprised by the number.  They really don’t take up much space – and even if you give them space, most of them tend to huddle together.  I can’t help but notice all of the empty old barns and sheds I see along the highway and think, “Geez – I could fit a hundred chickens in there!” 

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