Eggs for Sale…

So today I made my first official egg sale.  I met a gentleman in Bend and sold him a carton of 18 eggs for $4.  Of course – I threw in an extra carton for good measure…  Why not – I have so many right now that we are out of space in both refrigerators and there is no way I’m going to buy an extra frig just to store eggs!  I mean – for that kind of money I could get another fancy little chicken coop and another 50 chickens or so…  And yes, friends, that is truly how my brain works these days.

I still need to make about 20 more chicken coats.  They wear them on their backs to prevent them and their coop-mates from eating/picking all of their feathers off.  For a few, I’m a little late.  Poor Big Mama looks like a nearly bald chicken.  It’s not pretty.  It’s on the edge of frightening when you stare at her long enough.  I thought about isolating her in the brooder in the garage until she fills back out but chickens just hate to be alone and they already pick on her so much – I’m afraid I’ll never be able to get her integrated back into the flock.

She’s one of my favorites.  Big Mama, The-Little-White-Hen, Blackie, Blondie and Zoey’s Rooster are my only chickens with names and they are my favorites.  They are also some of the rougher looking birds right now – I think maybe because they are the most gentle and get picked on the most.  Maybe when it gets a little cooler I’ll move a couple of them inside the garage together to regrow their feathers and fatten them up a bit.  There’s an idea…

I’m not looking forward to my return to work tomorrow.  Yes, I love my job but sometimes work really feels like work and I don’t feel caught up with anything around the house.  I signed up for a bunch of extra shifts in the next couple weeks, too.  I guess that is what I’m really dreading.  It’s not really the extra hours – it’s the lack of rest in between regular shifts and extra shifts that kills me.  I mean – I see most of the people on one of the worst days of their lives.  You get enough of those in a row and the mind begins to crave Farmville.  Point – click – point – click…  You get the idea. 

Ironically, I do get more regular sleep while I am working, though – so that’s a plus.  I don’t think I’ve had more than 2-3 hours of sleep in a row for the past 4 days – except for Monday.  I fell asleep around 6 am and Jeff woke me up around 8-9 that night.  I probably could have slept nearly 24 hours straight.  That’s the way it works…  Someday I might change things but for now it’s a necessary evil. 

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