Not Much Happening…

I believe we are about finished calving out here on the farm.  I’ve decided to let go of the responsibility and let my father-in-law run the entire show.  If he gets to make all of the decisions then he can figure the rest out, too.  I just have Tinkerbell to worry about now and that seems to be enough for me – well, Stinky-Tinky AND the chickens, of course.  Tinkerbell had her calf last week.  He’s a cutie.  He got a little confused after he was born and followed me all the way back up to the porch.  Tink was not happy about that but they figured it out and things have been fine since.

We will be bringing home a new puppy in another month or so.  She’s a little Corgi.  I never thought I’d like that breed but I some how fell in love with the little beasts.  They are a big dog brain on little dog legs.  They are herders, which I think helps me understand them a little bit better than other breeds.  We’ll see how Scout likes the company.

I’ve been spending my nights either at work or at home learning all about digital scrapbooking.  You’d think it would cost less and be much quicker but that hasn’t quite turned out to be true in my case.  It probably has something to do with my ancient desktop computer that I still refuse to upgrade from XP.  

Chicks will begin arriving at the Feed Store this week.  My goal is to get a couple Americaunas (green egg layers) and a few little bantams.  That’s it.  Now that I’ve figured out what I like and don’t like about this chicken business, I’m going to thin down the flock some.  I think 30-40 chickens is about the perfect number.  So if you’d like any 1-2 year old hens that are already laying great eggs – just let me know and I’ll get them ready for you!   

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