The Salad Planter

I love Shanty-2-Chic’s website and tutorials.  These sisters are amazing.  I found this plan on their site and thought it would be perfect to grow our own salad fixings while keeping them off the ground.

I needed it to be a bit bigger so I adapted the plan.  The hardest part was recalculating the leg length with the angle that I needed.  It brought me back to algebra, trig and geometry high school classes.  I was excited because this was my first project with my new pneumatic staple gun.

I stained it, blinged it out with some glass pebbles and landscaping cement.  I lined the boxes with plastic and drilled holes in the bottoms for drainage.  Filled them with moisture control potting soil and seeded them with different varieties of loose leaf lettuce mixes.

The top left photo is from Shanty-2-Chic’s site and the size of the original planter.

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