Define Naughty

I saw a sign last year and I should have bought it at that moment – but the size was wrong, the color was off and seriously, I’m not paying nearly $40 for an old, beat up piece of wood with some witty words scribbled on it.  I knew I could make it and do it exactly the way I wanted it for about $6.  I stopped at the craft store on the way home.  I found almost everything I needed except for the board.  No problem, I’ll pick one up later, right?

My bag of craft supplies sat on the counter for days.  It got moved to “the mail pile” and then to the top of the bar.  Around St.Patty’s Day or Easter, the same bag was then stashed into one of the cubby spots IN the bar and there it has sat for the remainder of the year.  Oh yes, friends.  For every project that finds it’s way to fruition, there are at least 10 others in various states of non-completion stashed somewhere waiting for the right moment of inspiration and energy to connect.  I’m terrible.  I hate that I’m terrible but my 4th decade has brought with it a new level of self-acceptance.
I found my bag of craft supplies a few days ago and couldn’t help but giggle.  I had been to the craft store for a totally different project and a little chalkboard caught my eye.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I knew it would work for something so I brought it home.  Wouldn’t you know?  It was exactly what I needed to complete the sign I wanted to make 12 months earlier!
You see how life tends to circle back to things unfinished?
So I finished making my sign, finally.  And the timing was perfect.  Not only did I find a matching sticker but I had recently received a shipment from the wine club and everything came together so perfectly, I couldn’t help but forward on a photo to Naked Winery, which you will understand better after seeing the photo…
They sent me a message that they loved it and were posting it on their Facebook Pages.  So tonight I’m celebrating my 10 seconds of Facebook fame with a nice glass of Naked Merlot.  Personally, I think they should find someone to make some signs and sell them as a package deal with wine, wine rack and sign for the holidays.  I have a list of people I’d like to send a gift package like that.
Hmmm…. Wait, I have an idea.

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