A New Blog, kinda…

It’s been a crazy-busy month and it seems like every time I get one step ahead, something happens and I’m suddenly 2 days behind schedule.  I was looking forward to a few blank squares on the calendar when – Ka-choo!!!  The rhinovirus seems to have other plans.  Big fat bummer…

So instead of digging in the dirt and getting my garden started, I’m sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanky and cycling through tissues quicker than a two year old can unroll paper towels.  It’s okay.  I have some computer clean up to catch up on.  Which brings me to my point:

I moved my dormant blog from Blogger over to WordPress and well – here I am.  Blogger and my iStuff weren’t getting along any longer.  I like writing, I like sharing — but if it means going upstairs, firing up ol’ Bessie and learning Windows 10, I’m out.  I like easy.

There are some things I love about WordPress – like the fact it took 30 seconds and 2 clicks to move over my entire blog and did you see that photo gallery? There are a few things that make me beat my head against a wall.  Should I confess it took me 2 whole days to add a simple Pinterest button to the site?

It still needs a few tweaks and there are some updates waiting in the wings, but for now – it think it works.  I think…  Where is a computer savvy 12 year old when you need one?

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